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Einstein Childhood

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 at 11:30 am local time in the city of Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, located at 100 kilometers from Stuttgart and was born in a Jewish family. Albert's father, Hermann Einstein, a salesman who later founded an electrochemical mother, Pavlynh Koch was called. Their synagogue Stuttgart - Long were married.

At birth, Albert's mother because her head was very large and had a strange situation was very concerned. However, his growth, his little eyes would have been a great help, but the pictures he turns his head was bigger than her body. This feature people who have big heads "benign dignity" is said to have no contact with the disease or cognitive deficits. Albert began talking much later than normal children.

Albert's family members were all non-observant Jews and therefore, she attended a Catholic elementary school. She insists she learned violin training. From the very beginning she did not like practicing violin, and eventually abandoned it, but later Mozart Violin Sonata gets her deep relaxation.

When Einstein was five, his father showed him a pocket compass, and Einstein realized that something in space affect the needle. He later described the incident as one of Thvlamyztryn life events.

In 1889, a student named Max Talmud (later called Talmy), which was Einstein family home Thursday nights for six years, Einstein was familiar with the most important philosophical and scientific texts, among which we critique of pure reason Kant noted. Also in late childhood and early adulthood, two of his uncles advising and providing books on science, mathematics and philosophy, he helped grow intellectually.

In 1894, being successful in business electrochemical Hermann Einstein, Einstein family Pyva Munich - a city in Italy near Milan - they emigrated. Einstein's first scientific work as check the status of ether in a magnetic field, at the same time wrote to an uncle. Albert finished his studies in Munich and stayed boarding school after only one semester finished. In the spring of 1895 left school and went to join her family was Pryva. In the same year, at age 16, he is famous thought experiment that Einstein did mirror.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Entrance Examination - Aytyachzvrykh is known today - although Albert points higher in math and science departments, but the low points of his passing he was prevented in the literature (see List of common misconceptions) and then Rayv her family in Switzerland and sent to finish his education there. Other then that Albert was known as the father wanted to be an electrical engineer. There he began to study electromagnetic theory and received his diploma in 1896. During this time he lived in the family home where Professor policy Vyntlr as first love, Mary became interested in the girl's family. Maya, Einstein's sister, who was his closest Intimates Later, the family's son Paul married his friend Michael Bsv with the family's other daughter Anna was married. Einstein then enrolled in October at the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich and went to teach at the same time, Mary also went Avlsbrg in Switzerland. In the same year his Württemberg citizenship rescinded.
Personal relationships
Einstein and Mileva Maric

continue.), married. The official maiden Maric Einstein, in 1902, they have a daughter named Lysrl [7] were. Lysrl when Maric was born in Serbia to take over his family, and Einstein in Bern, Switzerland. Lysrl fate there is little information about him and there are many different opinions, none of which are unproven. After the official marriage, Einstein and Maric, two children were sons, Hans Albert and Eduard. Since 1914, apart from Maric and Einstein lived in Berlin, while Maric and children remained in Zurich. Einstein's son Eduard schizophrenia severely tormented him, and he said it was better than Edward never again would not be born.
Einstein and Elsa (Elsa)

From 1912, Aynshyn Byvhash romance with cousin (uncle's grandson's father), Elsa Einstein [10] was established. Maric was divorced in February 1919 and in June of the same year he married Elsa. During her divorce from Maryj, Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize, he vowed that if the owner, it provides material benefits can Maric and finally did it in 1923 [11]. Elsa previous marriage, but she and her two daughters named Ayls·h and Margot Einstein did not have any children together.

In a letter to his daughter Mystvd Einstein and Elsa in 1924, wrote:

    My daughter as much, or maybe more, I love Margot, and who knows if I was his father who was created from his baby temper tantrums.

The letter as evidence to refute claims about injustice Einstein family is gone to work. After emigrating to America in 1933, 1935 Elsa liver and heart disease and died in December 1936.

After graduating from college, university, Einstein could not find a job. Some historians anti-Semitic tendencies in Einstein's frustration in finding a job might be concerned [12]. The father of a classmate helped him to the patent office in Switzerland in 1902, is employed. After the publication of the special theory of relativity and the theory of general relativity, Einstein's fame and reputation achieved in several universities teaching and researching payment. Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in Berlin, Germany until 1932, Einstein and professor at the University of Berlin (Humboldt University of Berlin), respectively. In the first several months of the year he spent at Princeton University and the Nazis to power in 1933, he decided to return to Germany. In 1933 he obtained a job at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University, and around 1935 he decided to stay so long in America.
Einstein and the Atom Bomb

A few months before World War II, Zylard letter to Roosevelt, then President of United States will be prepared and signed by Einstein asked. Zylard was relatively unknown, but by Einstein's theory of relativity and a Nobel Prize, was a famous person. In the letter, they asked him to pay attention to this issue. In this letter, Roosevelt also was asked to research on nuclear energy and Vaknshznjyrhay be more important. The Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb as a starting point [14].

bombs by the Germans ... "[15]

Einstein by former peaceful activities, he Chpgranh trends, as well as biased reporting and communication on the basis that the FBI had received Soviet Einstein, was prevented his participation in the Manhattan Project. [Citation needed]
Albert Einstein in 1921
Special relativity
Main article: Special Relativity

One of Einstein's special relativity theories that have been proposed, including three phenomena at high speeds:

    During contraction, which reduces the length of the body during movement.
    The time dilation slowing time.
    Equivalence of mass and energy, ie E = mc2.
Einstein's theories accepted. According to Einstein, the most disagreements with his theory was tested by the Bavrany little understanding of the theories have been proposed. [21]

set [22] Einstein, on March 30, 1921, the same year he won the Nobel Prize, he went to New York to deliver a speech about the new theory Nsybt.
Copenhagen interpretation
Einstein and Niels Bohr on quantum theories differ during the 1920s. Photo by Paul Arnfst during his visit to Leiden in December 1925 has been

In 1909, a group of physicists Einstein, an article entitled (Über die Entwicklung unserer Anschauungen über das Wesen und die Konstitution der Strahlung) << formation of opinions and ideas about the nature of radiant energy components >> on the ether theory More importantly, it provided the measuring light.And they were special. This paper represents a new concept and was unheard of photons (although this term several years later, the article was introduced in 1926 by Louis Gylbrn). Even more important is that Einstein showed that light must be a particle and a wave simultaneously. The suggestion that the pilot wave theories << >> << Louise de Brueghel >> effects have been associated with quantum mechanics.
Algebra Bowery

Opposition Einstein about his life continued. The opposition has reason to believe a majority of people believe that Einstein's determinism was inflexible. They point out that Einstein wrote to Max Born wrote in 1926 that Vrdhast:

    Quantum mechanics is certainly the opposite of what the date is always calling us to it. But a voice inside me says that this is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but never us a step closer to the mystery, not the oldest. However, I am convinced that God does not play dice.

In reply to this post, Niels Bohr about quantum theory with Einstein controversy was addressed Einstein said:

    God is the rule for the Kill
Debates Bohr - Einstein on the fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics Svlvay conferences were conducted.

Defects and realism

Many comments expressed by Einstein spoke of his belief that quantum mechanics is incomplete. This article was first celebrated in 1935 by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen called the EPR paradox was written, was introduced. [26] and for the second time in a book by Albert Einstein, philosopher - as a scientist in 1949 was . . [27] The "EPR" paper as the quantum mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? However, we believe such a theory is possible and feasible. It offers an interesting experiment suggested by Einstein and Schrödinger's cat Mshabhast somewhat. He was addressing the issue of radioactive atoms disintegrate begins his work. Thus, Einstein procedure as a way to realize a given fragment, states:


برچسب ها: انیشتین، زندگی نامه، دانشمندان، باهوش ترین ها، فیزیکدانان، E=mc2،
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